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Track 1: Change That Sticks
Online Workshops | Track 1: Change That Sticks

*Track 1: Change That Sticks
Cost: $135.00
This complete 22 session course gives students the essentials in biblical counseling. It is divided into three sections. Section one addresses three essential doctrines in counseling: the doctrine of the Scriptures, the Church, and Sanctification. Section two covers how to biblically counsel and experience positive change in five common emotions that make up 80-90% of all problems that people bring to counseling: Anger, Anxiety, Depression, Guilt, Bitterness. The final section covers extensively a biblical methodology for biblical counseling built largely upon the Apostle Paul’s writings: 1) build the relationship, 2) collect the data, 3) inspire hope, 4) interpret problems biblically, 5) instruct how to change, 6) implement a plan through homework, and 7) call for daily commitment