The Foundations Course

Do you have two hours a week for the next 8 months at only $25 a month?

You can learn to effectively help people change through the one-on-one ministry of the Word and Spirit.

SO MANY NEEDS, SO FEW TRAINED! "Change that Sticks" is the essential foundation's curriculum helping hundreds of people learn to counsel and to overcome personal problems.

Change That Sticks contains five modules: 
Module 1. The Rediscovery of Biblical Counseling
Module 2. Transformed Emotions
Module 3. Marriage & Family Counseling
Module 4. The Ten Marks of the Biblical Counselor methodologies in counseling
Module 5. Advanced Issues transformed emotions, family counseling, advanced issues

Tim Bryant (Director of the Center) and Dr. Pam Moore (Ph.D. in online educational design) created this online and interactive course to help students be guided to completion using enhanced strategies, structure,
and support, blending live practicums with recorded teachings. Students have made amazing progress at mastering our material and completing certification requirements efficiently and effectively.


  • 9-month Course (but can be completed at your own pace - shorter or longer)
  • 45 Online Inspiring Instructional Videos Covered in 29 Lessons
  • A Personal Moderator-Coach assigned for each learner to provide guidance and motivation
  • Monthly Practicum Discussions
  • Readings with Regular Assimilation Assignments
  • Phase 1 of LCBC Certification and ACBC Certification accomplished upon completion
  • Begin a subscription at $32.50/monthly by choosing the Basic Subscription or consider the $25/monthly Foundations Subscription which gives you access to this and five other courses: Track 2, Track 4, ACBC Exam Mentoring, Counseling Mentorship Course & Counseling Observations Course


  • The pastor, counselor, or people-helper wanting a course in biblical soul care that gives in-depth, practical training with proven results in helping you encourage, coach and counsel people to grow and change in Christ
  • The person struggling with personal or relational problems looking for competent, intensive biblical instruction proven effective through years of counseling practice
  • Those seeking LCBC Soul Care Certification as well ACBC counseling certification 

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Module One: The Rediscovery of Biblical Counseling & Change: (Fundamental Doctrines of Change) The Basis of Biblical Counseling: Whose Job Is It?; Scripture Has the Answers; The Sanctification Process - Can a Person Really Change?

Module Two: Transformed Emotions: Clearing the Guilty Conscience; Learning to Forgive; Anger: Its Causes & Cures; Depression: Avoiding Despair in Difficult Times; Overcoming Fear, Worry & Anxiety

Module Three: Ten Marks of the Faithful Counselor: (Methods of Counseling) Integrity, Building the Relationship, Collecting Needed Information, Inspiring Biblical Hope, Saturating Counseling with Prayer, Exposing Root Problems, Discovering God's Solutions, Developing a Plan of Change, Calling for Commitment, Connecting Change to the Church

Module 4. Marriage & Family Counseling: God's Purpose for Marriage, Husband and Wife Roles, Biblical Communication, Sexuality in Marriage, Goals in Parenting, Gentle Correction and Consistent Consequences in Child Training

Module 5. Advanced Issues: Troubling Emotions and Chemical Imbalances, Helping the Sexually Tempted, Gaining a Transforming Vision of the Gospel, Choosing Truth over Theories in Counseling


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