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As a counselor and former pastor, I have shepherded and counseled many people suffering from challenges and battling temptations in their lives and relationships.  In 1997 I began sensing a need to go beyond my theological training to formal counselor training at the Master's University in California where I received my MABC in biblical counseling. This satisfied a heart passion to connect people's problems to the person of God through the one-on-one ministry of the scriptures. The results of changed lives over the years give glory to God, not me. Without Christ, I am nothing.

As a Fellow Sufferer, I have experienced a mysterious and ongoing malnourishment syndrome. This has left me at times completely fatigued and, at times, emotionally distraught. This has been used to help me sympathize and identify with others suffering at deeper levels.  This has also helped me give practical and biblical direction to fellow suffers (2 Corinthians 1:3-5). I have developed many counseling tools out of these experiences that have helped many:  How to Meditate Affectively, Avoiding Despair in Perplexity, and Five Questions in Fear - Temptation.  All of these and more can be accessed in our Pro Resource Library, Media Store and our Online School of Counseling.

As a Fellow Sufferer Who Sins I needed counsel early on in life after college to help me deal with my anxiety and sinful temptations and escapes. I was helped by a wise and biblical counselor, Dr. Ron Allchin, and given effective methods that directed me to God and His Word. In this way, my suffering and sin have led me to Christ and the ministry of counseling.

As a Husband and Father, I am married and have four children ranging from 25 to 13 years old. These relationships are one of the treasures of my life - but like all families we have had our share of problems. I have learned how to avoid two extremes when dealing with the many differences and depraved moments in family life. First, I must humbly assess and admit my contribution to problems and seek progressive change (Matthew 7:5; 5:27-28). Second, I should not take the full blame for all problems that arise in the home but rather seek to address other's sin or struggle in love, if it is big enough, out of a dependency upon God and HIs Word (Matthew 18:15-18; 2 Timothy 2:24-26 - see also Seven Question Before Addressing an Offense in the Pro Resource Library).  These two practices have helped our family continue to progress in relational unity and effectiveness. Some of the greatest joy I have experienced is watching my children walk in the faith my wife and I seek to example. 

As a Developer, I enjoy seeing people develop personally and in soul care ministry as shepherds, counselors and disciples. I find that I am energized by God when able to inspire and equip others called to the ministry of biblical encouragement, coaching or counseling.  

As a Person, I enjoy reading, writing, playing sports and piano, singing and worship. My wife and I have four children ranging from 25 to 13 years old. They are one of the treasures of my life. I grew up in Chicago and moved to South Carolina in 2003. The most significant loss I have suffered up to this point is my mother's death from cancer - she was only 40. But this has given me more profound hope in God's promises and perspectives regarding eternal life in Christ. My mom and I will be reunited one day - along with all who are in Christ, and she is cheering me on to run our race with endurance (see Heb 12; 1 Thes 4 ).

Throughout the years God has repeatedly rescued me and drawn me to himself for direction and motivation. This is why I pray that wherever you are and whatever is going on, you will let biblical soul care and counseling attempt to help. I am confident that the years of counselor training and experiences that we have at LCBCC will help you find biblical solutions that will satisfy you deeply and transform you and your circumstances. It will take dependent effort and discipline - but it will be worth it in the end. 

Nothing without Christ, 

Tim Bryant, Executive Director of the Lowcountry Biblical Counseling Center

6435 Fain St, # A | North Charleston, SC 29406