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Testimony "You Prayed Me Back to Life"


Testimony "I lost my two sons to murder"


Testimony "I didn’t want to live due to childhood pain"



The following are testimonies from those that God has transformed through Biblical counseling.

God continues to give ample evidence in our day through testimonies like this couple that there is hope for change through the ministry of His Word. We at the Lowcountry Biblical Counseling Center have sought to be an ambassador of Biblical hope to the Charleston community and beyond since 2003. We seek to use Scripture by the power of the Spirit to motivate and direct people into Christ-like endurance in trials/temptations and in transformation of desires, meditation and behavior that is anchored in a growing fear, love, hope in Christ. We also have an extensive biblical counselor training program live or online because we believe that biblical counseling is discipleship and the responsibility to counsel biblically belongs to the local body of Christ.

“My husband and I sought counseling because he had an addiction with drugs and I had an anger problem. (read more)

“As with most young men, I struggled with lust of the eyes, self-gratification and viewing pornography (read more)

“I love, love, love the ministry of the Word (read more)

"I came to Low Country Biblical Counseling for help because I was anxious (read more)

“My wife and I came to LCBCC physically separated and not communicating at all. (read more)

"My husband was struggling with depression, and we were having conflict with my 16 year old son. (read more)

"The primary reason I came to LCBCC was because I didn’t know how to address the problem or handle the stress of a loved one in my life who I had conflict with. (read more)

“When my problem of having extreme fears came about, I became a nervous wreck. (read more)

“Our marriage was suffering from years of not actively putting our faith into action to protect our relationship. (read more)

“After falling into sexual sin and making the unfortunate decision of leaving my wife and family, I began a very long and dark journey. (read more)

“Praise God for His kindness to a Christian in his weakness! I am 61 years old and have attempted for some 48 years to handle the sin of pornography and many other private sexual sins on my own. (read more)

“I had suffered with depression my entire life -I was physically abused throughout my childhood by my father. (read more)

“I had struggled with anxiety and panic attacks for 6 years when I moved to Charleston in 2009. (read more)

“My mom and Dad called the Lowcountry Biblical Counseling Center for me out of desperation: I was away from home in college and was down to 96 pounds. (read more)


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