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Relational Wisdom 360 - 2019 Biblical Change Conference

Online Workshops | Relational Wisdom 360 - 2019 Biblical Change Conference

Relational Wisdom 360 - 2019 Biblical Change Conference

Cost: $50
Ken Sande, founder of Peacemaker Ministries and author of the Peacemaker book (with 500,000 copies sold in 17 different languages) teams up with LCBCC Director, Tim Bryant. Relational 360 is an "operating system for life” used by Focus on the Family, Christian Counseling & Educational Foundation. Southern Seminary, Acts 29 Ministries, Home School Legal Defense and Reformed Theological Seminary





These principles can improve your marriage, parenting, and friendship, strengthen your church, heighten your workplace performance and career advancement, and most importantly, enhance your witness for Christ. 

1. Life Is All About Relationship: 
2. Relationships Are Fueled by Emotions
3. Relationships Are Always Three-Dimensional
4. The Gospel Transforms Relationships
5. The Peace-Promoting Process
5. Practice the SOG Plan
6. Follow a Trustworthy GPS
7. READ Yourself Accurately
8. SERVE Every Person You Meet

Ken Sande is a Certified Christian Conciliator, an Editorial Advisor for Christianity Today, a Certified Relational Wisdom Instructor, and an Emotional Intelligence Certified Instructor. Trained as an engineer, lawyer, and mediator, Ken has conciliated hundreds of family, business, church, and legal conflicts. As president of RW360 he now focuses on teaching people how to build strong relationships in the family, church, and workplace using the same practical, biblical clarity that has produced acclaim and influence among Christian leaders and businesses for years.

What Is Relational Wisdom?
Relational wisdom is your ability to identify and manage emotions and interests and abilities in yourself and others in order to build influential and productive relationships. This training is designed to improve your ability to develop authentic, productive, and lasting relationships, as well as your ability to prevent and resolve conflict.  Relational wisdom, in essence, is possessing both the desire and ability to obey Jesus' timeless command, "You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart ... and love your neighbor as yourself" (Matt 22:37-39). 


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