Mobilize Counseling Ministry

We will help you develop an effective counseling and training ministry
in a community to serve multiple local churches through a mentoring relationship.

 View T.L. Berry's Testimony as an example of how our counselor and ministry mentorship program impacts unreached churches and communities. 


Seven elements in our Ministry Mentorship.
What areas do you need the most help with?


What all does the Ministry Mentorship Include?

A. Meet Twice a Month with LCBCC Director
Partner with the LCBCC Director, Tim Bryant to set up or strengthen a Soul Care Ministry in your church or a Counseling Center in your community utilizing five elements in our development strategy.

  1. The process begins with a personal vision meeting with you by our director. Tim will tailor the elements of our Step Up Strategy with you in light of your ministry context so that what you need and desire from us most will begin first.
  2. This is followed by a site visit to your church or community for a group vision meeting inviting key leaders and those people who you think would make good potential members in your counseling ministry.
  3. After this, one or more Onsite Step Up Events are scheduled to further train your team members and increase community and church awareness of biblical counseling solutions and inspire their participation.
  4. As all three of these things above are occurring, all counseling team members begin their equipping through Enrollment in the Foundations Course: Change that Sticks(You receive 6 free enrollments) 
  5. As team members are being equipped, bi-monthly meetings are scheduled with you and your team to help you keep building on our Five Keys to Successful Soul Care Ministry 

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LCBCC desires to see your church become an effective biblical counseling training center as God wills.

B. Access Five Essential BC Online Training Courses (You plus Five team members

These five courses are included in the Step Up Package in our online school. You plus one person potentially serving on the counseling team can join you in the training. Every twelve months you can transfer the Step Up Package to a new team member to help you build a team of Biblical team counselors in your church or community. The Step Up Package includes all courses needed to achieve LCBCC certificate or ACBC certification.

  1. Foundations Course: Change That Sticks - This is the essential core curriculum certified by ACBC that has helped hundreds learn to overcome fundamental personal and relational problems, as well as learn fundamental doctrines and methodologies in counseling others. Included are 45 instructional videos, weekly interaction from an LCBCC course moderator, and a monthly practicum with our director. 
  2. 10 Counseling Observations - Watch Biblical change in action as you identify, learn and apply the 10 Marks of the Faithful counselor from some of the best biblical counselors.\
  3. ACBC Exam Mentorship - Receive 6 months of personal guidance on every ACBC exam question submitted, plus access 18 online sessions of preparation (at your one pace)
  4. Transformed by Truth - Enroll in a robust systematic theology of biblical counseling and change and then apply this to counseling suffering, grief, addictions decision making and eating disorders.
  5. Contemporary Issues in Biblical Counseling - Learn how to apply a theology of change practically to dozens of issues: abuse, crisis, bipolar, ADHD, singleness, divorce and more. 

C. Access Three ACBC Online Specialization Courses

  1. Unity in Marriage: Certified Specialization
  2.  Unity in Conflict: Certified Specialization
  3.  Encompass Addiction Counseling Course (Coming spring 2022): Certified Specialization

D. Access All Other LCBCC Courses & Conferences (Over 200 workshops)

  1. Eight Essentials in Child Training: LCBCC Child-Training Certificate
  2. Medication or Meditation with Dr. Charles Hodges
  3. Grasping the Greatness of God with Dr. Charles Ware
  4. Relational Wisdom with Ken Sande
  5. When Sinner’s Say I Do with Dave Harvey
  6. Rebuild with Virgil Walker and Ken Sande
  7. Plus much more

E. Access Our Pro Resource Center
This includes 700 plus case-tested tools to share or print for your counselees and team members. Many users say the pro-resource center is a one- of-a-kind extensive biblical resource ready to use for changing lives.

F.  Participate in Online Monthly BC Network Group Mentorship Meeting (You plus FIVE team members) 

  1. In these meetings, Tim Bryant, our director, interviews special guest counselors like Ken Sande, Dr. Bob Somerville, and Amy Baker to biblically equip you in a contemporary counseling topic like Gender Confusion, Domestic Abuse, Time Management, Covid Conflict, Depression & Anxiety.
  2. You gain special access to these mentorship meetings on the second Thursday of each month to ask our panel questions and discuss some of the best resources available today in the biblical counseling movement.
  3. You may also watch all past recordings of the Monthly BCN Meetings of the Biblical Counseling Network and access all handouts and notes.

The BC monthly mentorship meetings are a great way to research, continue your BC education and network with like-minded counselors and pastors.

G. Training Affiliation 
The Ministry Mentorship Membership makes you an LCBCC Training Affiliate which allow you to begin your own local biblical counseling training ministry.

  1. Unlimited Training Course Access to your students and church at 50-70% off!
  2. Your members get 50% off all courses when taking a self-paced course.
  3. Your members get 70% off when you facilitate a course for your team, church or group.

Once you are ACBC certified you can offer the courses at 70% off to your members and the courses will be ACBC certifiable!

Regardless of your goals in counselor development and certification, the Counselor & Ministry Mentorship allows you to continue to learn the riches of God’s Word and the skillful application of its truth in hundreds of counseling topics from a counseling center whose approach has been used by God to change hundreds of lives through the Glory, Word and Spirit of God.

Sign up today by choosing the Ministry Mentorship - reduce your workload but increases the fruit in Christ through a team approach we call the Step Up Strategy.


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