Our Partners

Become a partner in changing hundreds of lives through God's Word.

The Lowcountry Biblical Counseling Center see hundreds of counselees a year. Many cannot afford to pay for the life-changing counseling they receive. Last year alone we gifted $100,000 of counseling. We rely upon individuals, churches, businesses who see the need and donate over 50% of our operational expenses each year. If God lays on your heart a desire to help, consider donating to this life-changing ministry.

 If you are a business owner or church Begin a partnership by making a monthly investment of $100+ a month $1200+ a year.

- $100 Monthly or $1200 One-Time gives 34 Sessions to Those in Need
- $200 Monthly or $2400 One-Time gives 68 Sessions to Those in Need

- $400 Monthly or $4800 One-Time gives 136 Sessions to Those in Need 

We give priority to your referrals plus resources and free consultations to help with personal, relational and vocational or ministry challengesTurning No One Away Because of You. Together we are an ambassador of the Word of Christ to a world full of need.

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Do you have any questions about partnering?  Please contact us

6435 Fain St, # A | North Charleston, SC 29406