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Track 4, Practicum 3 - Self-injury and Sexual Abuse
Online Workshops | | Track 4, Practicum 3 - Self-injury and Sexual Abuse

Track 4, Practicum 3 - Self-injury and Sexual Abuse
Cost: $20
This particular practicum gives you access to three recordings and to join a live class discussion on February 20, 2018 (accessible online or onsite at the center). (If you miss the February 20 class discussion personally, you will receive the recording from that class.) Two LCBCC counselors will be present in class to interact and discuss real cases to help you learn to implement the materials in your life and ministry. Come ready to learn and ask questions to help you apply.


Counseling Self-injury - 1 session
Self-injury and cutting is not an attempt to kill one’s self, but rather to cope with life and find peace! Cutting is on the rise among adolescents, though seen across all sectors of our culture. In this seminar, we will explore how it starts and why it continues. We will look at ways to help the cutter to find true peace and to steward their body and emotions in ways that honor God.

Hope for the Abused (Child & Adult Survivors)  - 2 sessions
This training is designed for pastors, counselors, and lay-people who desire to counsel others effectively, as well as those suffering from abuse. How do you help a child or adult who has been sexually abused? How do you help the parents of a sexually abused child? Part 1 deals with children and parents. Learn to recognize the symptoms of child sexual abuse and how to get accurate information without leading the child's answers. Help children learn to recognize inappropriate talk or touch and how to say no. Parents will learn to recognize how abusers work to gain trust and access to their victims and how to train their children to be less vulnerable to abuse. Learn how to comfort the victims and how to help them become victors through Christ. Part 2 deals with adults who were abused as children but who never worked through the issues Biblically. We will dig deep into the Scriptures to answer questions like “How do I help those abused know and experience the sovereign love and purposes of Christ?”  and “How do I help them move forward and not be derailed in their life and walk with the Lord?”

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