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Track 4, Practicum 6 - ADHD & Bipolar Practicum
Online Workshops | | Track 4, Practicum 6 - ADHD & Bipolar Practicum

Track 4, Practicum 6 - ADHD & Bipolar Practicum
Cost: $15
This particular practicum gives you access to three recordings and to join a live class discussion on March 13, 2018 (accessible online or onsite at the center). (If you miss the March 13 class discussion personally, you will receive the recording from that class.) Two LCBCC counselors will be present in class to interact and discuss real cases to help you learn to implement the materials in your life and ministry. Come ready to learn and ask questions to help you apply.

Counseling ADHD - 1 Session

Does God's Word offer practical hope and help for those struggling with ADHD symptoms? Are their biblical strategies that a parent or teacher can employ to help their struggling child? Learn from Mark Turner, a pastor, certified Biblical counselor, and parent of a child, now an adult, with severe ADHD. You will learn to accept those things that are not changeable while addressing those things that are changeable. You will learn to respond to both the weaknesses of the child struggling with ADHD symptoms, as well as their sinfulness. You will learn to deal with these things compassionately, biblically and practically.

Counseling Bipolar Biblically - 1 session

Many people today are diagnosing themselves and others as “Bipolar” just because they may have frequent swings in the emotions.  In this topic we are going to focus on Bipolar Behaviors and define what this really looks like. What are the full descriptions of both the manic and depressed behaviors.  We will take a look at what the Bible says about these behaviors and will look at a well known Bible character who probably would have been diagnosed “Bipolar,” if he live today. We will look at five of the most common behaviors that we recognize contributing to the persons with this diagnosis and what the Bible say about counseling them. We will see that there is HOPE, even for those diagnosed “Bipolar.”

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