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Troubling Emotions & Chemical Imbalances
Online Workshops | Track 2: Transformed by Truth | Troubling Emotions & Chemical Imbalances

Troubling Emotions & Chemical Imbalances
Cost: $10
(The Bible and Psychiatry) In this two part series you will be given Biblical perspectives to questions like: Where do troubling emotions come from? How do we handle them? Did my brain make me feel, think and do bad or did my spiritual condition? If the brain didn't make me, did the brain at least play a part? How do I strengthen both my heart attitude as I encounter physical weakness and malady that seem to effect my emotions and mental outlook. You will in this workshop begin to understand how to respond to what often is diagnosed as a chemical imbalance. You will discover practical, biblical ways and resources to greatly help and possibly completely reduce the emotional and cognitive symptoms associated with such diagnoses.
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