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Track 4, Practicum 5 - Views on Divorce & Divorce Counseling
Online Workshops | | Track 4, Practicum 5 - Views on Divorce & Divorce Counseling

Track 4, Practicum 5 - Views on Divorce & Divorce Counseling
Cost: $15
This particular practicum gives you access to three recordings and to join a live class discussion on March 6, 2018 (accessible online or onsite at the center). (If you miss the March 6 class discussion personally, you will receive the recording from that class.) Two LCBCC counselors will be present in class to interact and discuss real cases to help you learn to implement the materials in your life and ministry. Come ready to learn and ask questions to help you apply.

Biblical Views on Divorce & Remarriage - 2 Sessions

Are you considering a separation or divorce? Are you a person who wants to provide biblical counseling and support for those in such a marriage? If so, this session will help you get clear answers from God's Word.  You will be guided by His Truth and empowered by His Spirit into the good God has purposed. You will learn what the Bible teaches about separation and divorce. You will learn how to be obedience to the Word of God when in a potential separation or divorce. You will see how good can result in bad circumstances when bad is responded to with good.


Beyond Divorce Recovery - 2 sessions

Divorce is two people joined as one by God seeking to become two again. Many complications and troubles come with tearing apart into two what God has made into one. That is why divorce can be one of the most long-lasting devastations a person can experience. Waves of intense grief, anger, bitterness, shame, despair, fear, and loneliness can cycle for months, years, sometimes a lifetime. Romans 8:28 promises that all things work together for good to those who love God. This training is designed to help the divorced person to, through humble, biblical examination, see what needs to be addressed in themselves, in their perspective and in their past to help them get to the good God can produce in the bad. This training will help the divorced person (as well as the one who desires to counsel the divorced person) pursue this with an open Bible and a humble heart before God.

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