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*Track 1: Change That Sticks
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*Track 1: Change That Sticks
Cost: $135.00
This complete 22 session course gives students the essentials in biblical counseling. It is divided into three sections. Section one addresses three essential doctrines in counseling: the doctrine of the Scriptures, the Church, and Sanctification. Section two covers how to biblically counsel and experience positive change in five common emotions that make up 80-90% of all problems that people bring to counseling: Anger, Anxiety, Depression, Guilt, Bitterness. The final section covers extensively a biblical methodology for biblical counseling built largely upon the Apostle Paul’s writings: 1) build the relationship, 2) collect the data, 3) inspire hope, 4) interpret problems biblically, 5) instruct how to change, 6) implement a plan through homework, and 7) call for daily commitment


Our training program is designed for those in need of personal change and those who desire to effectively counsel others through the sufficiency of God’s Word. We have developed four courses in the training program. “Change That Sticks” is the basic course that covers the core foundations in how to make lasting biblical changes and in how to counsel biblically. Students will receive 22 hours of training in “Change That Sticks” as they work through the training manual – which has over 300 pages of helpful outlines and relevant change assignments. This course is best taken live but can be taken in a distance-learning format via the internet. These courses may be taken for certification with ACBC (formerly NANC) by completing reading and memorization requirements.

It is the biblical conviction of the Lowcountry Biblical Counseling Center that counseling for a Christian is to be viewed as intensive, personalized, biblical discipleship done by a godly mature believer in the local body of Christ under the oversight of the leadership of the flock (see Col 1:28-29; Rom 15:14; Col 3:16; Matt 28:18-20; Eph 4:11-13.)

What is Biblical Counseling and Whose Job is it?
Does Scripture Have the Answers?
Sanctification: Can a Person Really Change

Clearing the Guilty Conscience
Overcoming Bitterness by Learning to Forgive
Anger: Its Causes and Cures
Depression: Avoiding Despair in Difficult Times
Fear, Anxiety, and Worry Don’t Have to Control You

Involvement: Building the Relationship
Information: Gathering the Data
Inspiration: Giving Life-Changing Hope
Interpretation: What's My Problem, Why Do I Struggle?
Instruction: Discovering God's Remedy
Implementation: Developing a Plan of Change
Inducement: Calling for Inducement

Tim Bryant has been the director of LCBCC since 2003 and received his Master’s in Biblical Counseling from the Master’s College under Dr. Wayne Mack & Dr. Stuart Scott. Drawing from over 22 years of counseling & pastoral experience, he speaks and counsels on a wide variety of counseling topics using God's Word to inspire and instruct. He has developed 100 different training sessions & 300 different counseling assignments that have been instrumental in helping counselors use the Word of God to help others change. He oversees a team of counselors at the counseling center that is certified by the Association of Certified Biblical Counselors (formerly known as NANC).

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