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Track 3: Marriage & Family
Online Workshops | Track 3: Marriage & Family

*Track 3: Marriage and Family
Cost: $135.00
Biblical marriage is dying in America as self-centered singleness continues to grow. God declared, “It is not good for man to be alone” and then, out of His goodness, created marriage. The New Testament teaches that some people have the unique gift of singleness for the specific purpose of undistracted Christ-centered ministry to others (not for the purpose of a less committed and complicated life). The unique gift of singleness is dangerously challenging on many level which is why most people are given, by God, the gift of marriage. Come learn how to victoriously handle the unique challenges of being single, how to be radical in devotion to Christ and ministry to others, and finally, how to pursue God's gift of a spouse (if you don’t have the gift of singleness). Four seminars in one covering: Christian Singleness & Dating, Parenting by Faith: Eight Essentials, Unity in Marriage: 2 Becoming 1, Divorce and Remarriage. Certified by A.C.B.C.