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Watch 2016 Dinner Video
January 17 - 18

The 2016 Fellowship dinner is now available to watch in its entirety online now below:



  • at 6:21 minutes: Ministry Update Begins
  • at 11:47 minutes: Testimonies Begin
  • at 35:43 minutes: Live Testimony Begins
  • at 39:13 minutes: Song Tim Bryant

  • at 43:09 minutes: Keynote Speech by Dave Harvey (When Sinner's Say, 'I Do')

Enjoy watching the celebration and be renewed as you view the unforgettable testimonies, the dynamic message (Dave Harvey) & the exciting 2017 update on our new training strategies. In a day in which America stands broken morally, relationally, and hostile to the only solution, the Gospel of Jesus Christ and Christian faith, what a positive public light was displayed with the 400-500 multicultural audience, celebrating true reconciliation.


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Nothing without Him,

Tim Bryant


PS  The testimonies at the dinner even impacted some of the hotel servers!  I know of three. One server was a husband separated from his wife, who came up to me after the program and said that he now has a heart to reconcile! Please pray for this man and his wife.