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Watch 2016 Dinner Video
January 17 - February 14

The 2016 Fellowship dinner is now available to watch in its entirety online now below:



  • at 6:21 minutes: Ministry Update Begins
  • at 11:47 minutes: Testimonies Begin
  • at 35:43 minutes: Live Testimony Begins
  • at 39:13 minutes: Song Tim Bryant

  • at 43:09 minutes: Keynote Speech by Dave Harvey (When Sinner's Say, 'I Do')

Enjoy watching the celebration and be renewed as you view the unforgettable testimonies, the dynamic message (Dave Harvey) & the exciting 2017 update on our new training strategies. In a day in which America stands broken morally, relationally, and hostile to the only solution, the Gospel of Jesus Christ and Christian faith, what a positive public light was displayed with the 400-500 multicultural audience, celebrating true reconciliation.


Our prayer for the evening was that God would not only speak to hearts but raise up $110,000 so that we can replenish the counseling and training funds, and begin an international training opportunities fund.  

  • $51,349 Pledges & Gifts Received

  • $24,400 Matching Gift Fund Pledges

  • $75,749 of the $110,000 Need Raised

Thank you for the help you have given and join us in giving thanks to God for the result. Please pray that we might be able to fully fund this year's ministry needs. If the Lord inspires you to help us please consider making a tax-deductible year-end gift to help us in our growth and impact at the following link. Give a Special Gift or Monthly

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Nothing without Him,

Tim Bryant


PS  The testimonies at the dinner even impacted some of the hotel servers!  I know of three. One server was a husband separated from his wife, who came up to me after the program and said that he now has a heart to reconcile! Please pray for this man and his wife.