Event Details

Fall Rally: Standing Firm (at Charleston Bible Church or Online)
October 23
7:00 PM to 8:30 PM

With Tim Bryant & LCBCC Counselors
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Learn  “Affective” Meditation

During COVID closings and distancing, we have seen unprecedented growth in ministry as personal and relational challenges grow like depression, anxiety, conflict, parenting stress, and addiction. As biblical counselors, we at LCBCC have been working to help counselees stabilize during the cultural turbulence through learning affective biblical meditation strategies. You will hear testimonies and techniques at this Fall Rally on the following:

  • The Anxious Must Slow Meditation 
  • The Tempted Must Enjoy Meditation
  • The Conflicted Must Humble Meditation 

Hear Positive News During COVID closings and distancing, we have exponentially grown and advanced the mission thanks to our supporters.

  • The LCBCC Clemson Center has opened!
  • A 30% increase in counseling, student enrollments and events!
  • The LCBCC Outpatient Addiction Ministry has begun!
  • New team counselors have been added to the team! 

Join the Rally Sign up for faith-affirming testimonies of restoration. For 17 years LCBCC has offered authentic, biblical, Christ-centered solutions resulting in hundreds of lives and families restored. For 17 years LCBCC has offered counselor training and mentoring. We are thankful for our supporters. We are working harder and expanding further than ever before.

Our Most Recent Publication & Upcoming Course:

Track 4, Contemporary Issues
Sign up for Track 4, Contemporary Issues online class that covers 20 different counseling topics that impact our culture today like abuse, internet addiction, sexual sin, ADHD, Bipolar Disorder, self-injury, divorce, wise decision-making, and many more. We have added some guided-to-completion elements to foster a greater online community and encourage a 6 month completion of the course. Registration is now open for a class start date of Oct 19th!

For more information about the course, or to register for Track 4: Contemporary Issues, please click here.